Some of the services we provide:

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We are a full service company

We can do everything from unobtrusively installing a sound system in your kitchen to transferring a large CD collection to a hard drive or an iPod as storage for a music server such as Sonos or computer audio. We specialize in setting up wireless music playback throughout your home and even into outside areas such as decks. We work with iTunes, iPads, iPods, and Sonos, and Pandora and Rhapsody (among others). By the way, we still sell LP turntables and we still listen to vinyl records.

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Audio Video Content Experts

We are video experts in all media formats and all playback technologies. Whether you want the best Blu-Ray playback with a projector and screen in a dedicated room, or just want the convenience of Netflix movies streaming into your bedroom, we can do it, and we can do it with one smart remote control and no visible wires.

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Phone, Networking, Low Voltage Wiring

We are experts in home networking, including phone, data, satellite hookups, and internal wiring. We coordinate with and can integrate with your alarm contractor, or bring one in for you.

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Lighting Control

We can replace the conventional light switches in your home with smart controls that let you easily select among lighting schemes customized for the way you live. We provide not only interior lighting control but also exterior, landscape, and security lighting control.

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Shading Solutions

We install motorized window-shading solutions for light-level control, the preservation of interior decor and art works, privacy, and room darkening.

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Surveillance Cameras

We unobtrusively install whole-home surveillance systems that enable you to check in on your home from anywhere in the world there is an Internet connection.

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Green Living

We have expertise in "Green" technologies and energy-management systems. We were a major contractor on a LEED award-winning energy-efficient new-construction home project in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

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Systems Integration

Most of our clients tell us that the one thing we offer they find most valuable is that we integrate different technologies by creating custom-engineered solutions. For example, we can integrate lighting control and shade control with audio and video, so you don't have to operate four or more different remote controls before you watch a movie.


Some of the products we use:

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